Clare-Springett-Resident-Lighting-Designer Hi Res

Hello & Welcome!

I am a Melbourne based Lighting Designer and Theatre Maker, and I’ve been working in the arts for the last 20 years (give or take).

I am a lover of the arts, a champion of women (especially as leaders in the community), an advocate for positive health and wellbeing in the industry.

I was the Resident Lighting Designer and ensemble member at Red Stitch Actors Theatre, and (before Covid hit) the Touring Production Manager for the tour of American Song, by Joanna Murry-Smith.

I was one of the 2018/19 MTC Women in Theatre participants, and the Associate Lighting Designer for ‘Shakespeare In Love’ working with Matt Scott and Melbourne Theatre Company.

I have been looking at ways that I can be a better designer and a better human. I have been reading, listen & learning about how the Arts industry needs to move forward to remain sustainable and viable. And as part of this learning I make the following pledge…

I pledge to create an anti-racist and decolonised Australian Theatre industry. I promise to educate myself and others, removing the pressure from my BIPOC peers. I promise to add my voice to essential conversations surrounding racism, difficult or not. I promise to advocate for BIPOC leaders and amplify voices of colour. I promise to listen up, show up and speak up when I witness injustice. I promise to hold accountable the companies who are complicit in the marginalisation of BIPOC artists. I promise to apply this pledge to diversity in its entirety including but not limited to disabilities (visible and invisible), low socioeconomic backgrounds, body diversity, transgender gender diverse identifying artists. I promise to be a lifelong active ally. My pledge does not stop here, hold me accountable.

Clare Springett