“Clare Springett’s lighting is versatile and often ingenious”

Tim Burn: Time Out

HEARTH – by Fleur Murphy. Dir. Thomas Royce- Hampton, Set/Costume – Chantal Marks, Sound- Max Royce- Hampton

‘The lighting design by Clare Springett was a beautifully subtle effort that illustrated the gaps in the play, from the iciness of the room to the falling sun that sets through the windows of the theatre: you almost forget that the sun has already gone down.’

James Robertson: Beat

Evie Housham’s naturalistic but eclectic production design coupled with Clare Springett’s evocative lighting turns La Mama HQ into the living room of a house that is comfortable and cosy, though with stuff of life scattered around..’

– Keith Gow

THE FEATHER IN THE WEB by Nick Coyle. Dir Declan Greene. Set Design Brynna Lowan. Sound Design Tom Backhaus. Photos Pier Carthew

“The lighting and sound are spectral and spectacular in their aural and sensory dimensions.”

Melinda Keyte: Arts Hub

DANCE NATION Dir. Maude Davey. Set & Costumes Adrienne Chisholme. Sound Design Peter Farnan. Photos: Teresa Noble

“Clare Springett’s lighting design is a feature.”

The Blurb

TRAPS – Dir. Laurence Strangio, Set & Costumes – Evie Housham. Photos; Darren Gill

“Clare Springett’s lighting is most effective in bringing the characters in and out of focus as the action moves from the past to the present, and from the real to the surreal.”

Simon Paris: Main in Chair